The BLCI Way

We support young people from third grade through college and work closely with their parents in the process. Our participants learn to support each other and their community. Our programs are free of charge, but parents have to donate their time. 


Barrio Logan College Institute takes pride in its program options for our participants.  We offer a variety of programs, which allow young people, who are facing multiple challenges, to be best prepared for College success. Our programs are age appropriate, and focus on advancing students each year, and to get the into and through College. 

ABCs of College Success

College Success Pipeline

School Through College

Parent Involvement

Access to Technology

Want to get involved?


Want to make a difference in a child’s life? Become a tutor, mentor or speaker for our youth, families and staff. Making a difference is easier than you think!

Share Your Services

We are looking for professionals like you! Assist BLCI staff with curriculum development, research, administrative work or building maintenance.

Give a Gift

No donation is too small or too big.  All donations go directly to supporting students get through to College. Your generosity ensures our success!