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Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood (CVPN) is a comprehensive collaboration of partners focused on supporting family, education, health and community to support all children in the Castle Park neighborhood of Chula Vista to achieve academic excellence and complete a college and career track.

Coordinated by South Bay Community Services (SBCS), Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood supports children from the minute they are born to college completion. In Chula Vista, schools are at the heart of its Promise Neighborhood, but opportunities extend beyond the school. CVPN brings together parents, businesses, non-profits, hospitals and clinics. Through these collaborative efforts, our youth receive the support needed so they can develop in a safe and healthy environment, where they can successfully achieve academic success.

Barrio Logan College Institute at Chula Vista is an after-school program for first generation college students located on the Castle Park Middle School campus. More than half of the students in CVPN receive free or reduced lunch and are English language learners. The mission of CVCI is to prepare every student to succeed in college and in life by providing a specialized focus on college and career readiness.

CVCI began in 2013 with 20 first generation third grade students in the CVPN area, along with 20 fourth through sixth grade students in a leadership program called University Club.

CVCI is a multi-faceted program with a variety of services for 115 students and their parents. The program includes in-class and after school tutoring, workshops to teach concepts related to college and career readiness, enrichment activities such as field trips and access to professional speakers, and a parent engagement program.

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