Middle School Program (MSP)

The transition from childhood to adolescence is a critical juncture in the college success pipeline. It is common for some students to lose focus on their long-term goals as they make sense of their biological and psychological changes. As such, a stronger focus on behavioral development exists in this program.  

The Middle School Program has the following workshop breakdown: 

  • 25% of workshops (8) focused on Academic support, mainly reading and writing. Because it is likely that students are at differing math levels, we may want to leave that up to the specialized tutors, although an emphasis on anything that would come up in the SAT or the ACT would be beneficial, as long as it’s level appropriate 
  • 50% of workshops (16) on Behavioral development, mainly based on the soft skills of a successful college student and on coping skills having to do with the transition to adolescence and its potential pitfalls 
  • 25% of workshops (8) on College knowledge following the areas outlined by the Chief Programs Officer  

Weekly activities include:

  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary
  • Time-management, organization and study skills
  • Career exploration
  • Financial literacy
  • Integrated math
  • Career exploration
  • Foreign language
  • High school 4-year plan
  • Daily tutoring

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