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BLCI EL Cajon (known in the community as YALLA) is a nonprofit organization that utilizes soccer and academic programs to motivate refugee and immigrant youth to become college students. El Cajon has 40% immigrant and refugee population from Middle eastern backgrounds like Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian, afghani, and Pakistani. The program starts in 2010, promising these newcomers of education and a chance to play soccer. The program works with students from El Cajon valley school district. 

Currently, we are serving students from 3rd Grade to 9th Grade, planning to walk with these students hand in hands until they graduate their collage. We also offer a soccer program from 1st Grade to 8th Grade, where we keep our students active, healthy, and motivated. The program also introduces different educational activities from college visits to an outdoor gathering.

Today, BLCI El Cajon, not only helping students to achieve their dreams and graduate with a college degree but also helps the families to thrive and engage in the community. Starting in 2019, we start the parent program that is required for each family to volunteers for 15 hours during the academic year. Parents’ commitment help to improve the program and become a complete chain to share community resources resulting in achieving our mission.  

BLCI El Cajon is looking to serve more students and has a more significant impact on the community. We achieve our goals by reaching more schools in El Cajon to recruit new students. We are committed to these students by taking them to college despite poverty, social, and language barriers. We Want to achieve BLCI goals and ensure that all EL Cajon students will help their families by breaking the poverty cycle. We are also looking to work with community partners to serve these families better.

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