Success Stories

Hundreds of students have gone through BLCI’s After School programs, and our success is mostly measured by the impact we have had on them, and the impact they have had on us, and now in their communities.  We measure success not only by those who enroll in College, but also by the challenges they have overcome and the positive impact they are having on their families and their communities.  We regularly update these stories, so please visit often. 

Salma Parra

UCSD 2023 – Double Major in Public Health and Latin American Studies

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  1. PATHS is a program Salma applied for when she was a senior in high school. Their mission is, “to increase the number, persistence, and success of underserved and underrepresented minority (URM) students in STEM in San Diego.” Through this Salma has been given opportunities to have private tutors, internships and involvement with professors for research opportunities, and has gained a mentor to guide her through her college experience as a first generation college student.
  2. BLCI provided an extreme amount of resources for her and helped her through the entire course of her college application journey. She also took advantage of the Leadership opportunities given which allowed her to shine even brighter and prepared her to take intuitive within her college experience at UCSD.

Julieta Soto

UC Berkeley 2023 – Double Major in English and Spanish

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  1. EOP has help Juletia with varies opportunities such as Summer Bridge. This helped her transition to Berkeley and to see the kind of culture Berkeley has. She feels if she did not have EOP she would have felt very lost and out of place. EOP has also given her a comfortable setting where she can ask as many questions as she wants, different programs such as the Chicano Latino Student Development. One memory she has is when her mom dropped her off CLSD provided a Spanish orientation and her mom felt very comfortable to leave her daughter especially since she is far away from home, but she knew Julieta was in good hands. 
  2. BLCI played a huge role in what college is and explaining from all the seminars she attended and how one particular specialist was constantly excited to teach. He was a huge mentor to her and she never felt like an outsider, she felt very welcomed and she knows BLCI will always be here for her. 

Alexandra Morales

UC Berkeley 2023 –  Major – Urban Studies; Minor(s) – Global Poverty and Practice, Creative Writing

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  1. In my first year of college I was very fortunate enough to live in CASA Magdalena Mora, a Latinx themed housing where my family knew I was en buenas manos, and was greeted with a community of support and amor.
  2. BLCI gave me the resources and tools to pursue higher education and ultimately, to break the cycle of poverty for not only my familia, but for my comunidad as well.

Milenia Quintero

USC 2022 – Majoring in Sociology with a minor in Legal Studies

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  1. Milenia is currently involved in at USC are she is a sister of Kappa Delta Chi sorority incorporated, Latinx Student Assembly, Improving Dreams Education Access and Success (IDEAS). Kappa Delta Chi is a Latina founded sorority in 1987 in Texas, this is a new sorority through unity, honestly, and leadership. Very heavy on academic support, community service, and host serval events throughout the year. They have had one of the highest GPA’s above all multicultural sorority and fraternities. Because of Kappa Delta Chi has allowed her to find a place of her own and a support system for her away from home. She has grown and done so many things because of her sisters. 
  2. BLCI provided the guidance and support that she needed in order to make her college application journey easy to facilitate.

Ana Hernandez

SDSU 2021 – Chicano Chicana Studies 

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  1. Ana first began her college journey at the San Diego Mesa Community College, after two years she then transferred to San Diego State University. Throughout her community college experience, she learned to maximize her time in order to reach her ultimate goal of transferring to SDSU. She never lost sight of what she wanted and where she wanted to put herself at. In addition to her schooling, she also had to manage a job working as an instructional assistant at the Cesar Chavez Campus in the English as a Second Language in Barrio Logan. She felt it was important to give back to her community and wishes to pursue a bachelor in Chicano Chicana Studies to become a Professor then to work at the community college she first began her journey. 
  2. BLCI has provided mentorship and extensive help when it came to the application process to transfer as well as helping her decide to go to SDSU. She has also benefited from the numerous amount of scholarships given to her throughout the years of her college experience.