Tom Galstian

Chula Vista Manager

Tom was raised in Indianapolis, IN, born to Russian-Armenian immigrants. From a young age, he was eager to learn and make the most of his education. He attended Indiana University and earned two bachelor’s degrees, in business (double majoring in finance and management) and psychology. He continued sharing his passion for education as a geometry teacher through Teach For America in Las Vegas, NV. At the same time, he completed his master’s degree in education with specialization in high school instruction at UNLV. He then pursued his passion for problem-solving as a strategy consultant for Deloitte in Seattle, WA. Throughout his professional career, he has found ways to support education – be it through the numerous clubs he created and countless tutoring hours spent while teaching, or by creating scholarships and hosting career days while a consultant. He is excited to bring his passion for education to San Diego and to work with the students at BLCI Chula Vista to help them grow into their best selves! 

Favorite Quote: “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all” – Futurama