School Through College

Barrio Logan College Institute prepares students for life.  Our focus for young people to build the resilience, knowledge and understand that there is a team of support through their life journey, including all levels of school, from Elementary, to Middle School, to High School and through College.  Furthermore, our participants will receive the support necessary, so they can become the next leaders, and in turn, support others that come behind them. 

Elementary School

Preparing Kids of College

In the Elementary School Program (3rd-5th grade) we focus on preparing kids for college by setting a solid foundation for future college success. We provide enrichment activities and college prep classes for students that build the reading, writing, critical thinking, and social skills necessary for continued academic success. Through on-site presentations and field trips to local universities, students also learn how others from similar backgrounds have made the dream of higher education a reality, and begin to envision college as an achievable goal.

Middle School

Specialized College Preparation Classes

In the Middle School Program (6th-8th grade) our college preparation classes focus on positive identity development, as our students often experience negative influences in their communities that may compete with a “college-going” culture. Community service, roles models, leadership, and “Active Dreaming” concepts are emphasized. Assistance is offered daily to support students in their academic course work, with subject-specific tutors available for additional one-on-one assistance. Steps to Success Workshops focus on important skills such as time management, essay writing, and test preparation making college success a reality.

High School

College Preparation Classes and the Application Process

In the High School Program, (9th- first semester of 11th grade) the focus of our college preparation shifts to skill development, college preparatory classes, and the college application process. We call high school “The Audition for College.” We make sure students are taking the right courses, have a strong GPA, improve their standardized test scores and are involved in extracurricular activities. Steps to Success Workshops continue to strengthen academic and personal skills, with special focus on financial literacy, standardized testing, and the value of community service and community-based work. Eleventh grade students spend their Spring Break touring a variety of college campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area cementing the interest and commitment to a higher education.


Success Through College Completion

Our program established in 2007, the College Success Program (second semester of 11th grade – college completion) matches students to the right college, connects them to financial aid, and supports them until they graduate from college. Students benefit from individualized college advising services, a pre-college orientation, and the opportunity to compete for a $5,000 scholarship renewable up to four years designed to enable students to attend the university that best allows them to meet their higher education goals and to prepare for life after college graduation through mentorship, internship, and community service requirements. Results: 100% of BLCI high school graduates have enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the nation! 92% have enrolled directly into 4-year universities as far away as Yale University, Bates College, Smith College and the University of Virginia to name a few. 88% of the students who have gone through the College Success Program have persisted in college.

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