Alumni Spotlight: Karla Garcia Perez

Karla’s Path

From a student facing housing insecurity to earning a bachelor’s and masters from
UC Berkeley, read Karla’s story about how BLCI supported her on her path to success

When I found BLCI in 2007, my family was struggling. My brother and I were growing up in a different culture than the one my parents grew up in. Being first-generation meant navigating foreign systems, deadlines, applications, and fees; all daunting, scary things I had no clue how to do. My family was on the verge of living in Tijuana for the 2nd time when living in our van became harder and harder to do. My father was recommended to BLCI by a friend from work. We applied and were interviewed right away. This was my first interview for anything, and I soon realized that it would also be the most important interview of my life. When my brother and I were told we were accepted, I looked at my parents and I could see hope in their eyes, hope for my future, and hope for theirs. I know many of you know what it feels like for your parents to look at you and feel the weight of the world, it can feel heavy but really that’s how heavy love is.

I learned that your accomplishments are never just your own; your accomplishments are BLCI’s
accomplishments, they are your parent’s accomplishments, they are your ancestor’s accomplishments, and they are something your communities will forever be proud of. I also learned that people along the way will invest in you, their time, their support, tutoring, a scholarship, and wisdom; they are planting seeds for the future, not just for us as individuals but for the betterment of our communities and societies.

We must always come back, give back, volunteer, and give our time and energy to the next generation of young people because they are our future. BLCI students go on to give back to the community and go into fields that will improve lives and protect our planet. The students at BLCI know more than most people how important it is to value an opportunity and to strike out on your own path.


Karla Garcia Perez

BLCI Alumni, Class of 2012

Investing in our students is an investment in our community. #BeThePath to ending poverty through education and donate today.

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