Jose Angel Cruz

Jose Angel Cruz is a veteran of the non-profit world, with key focus on organizational enhancement and development. For nearly 30 years, Jose has launched and/or taken projects and organizations to the next level, with exceptional results. He began his career working with underserved youth in San Bernardino, CA, and quickly developed projects that were replicated at National & International levels.  His problem solving style, also led him to develop various Web based databases, which revolutionized how data was collected for California’s Public Health Departments. 

Jose Angel has had the responsibility to provide guidance, oversee, recommend and support the launch of new and expanding existing Youth Clubs around the world. As a Master Trainer, he has trained thousands of Youth Development professionals throughout the world, on key areas of youth practices, staff and organizational development. He has also served on a number of boards, including serving as Board Chair, for GoDoMore, Inc. 

He has a strong background working with diverse communities, often meeting with key business leaders, government officials and others, to provide guidance and support, with developing and implementing strategies for community strengthening. In addition, he has worked with numerous organizations around the world, from the ground work of establishing to being part of launching some of the largest Youth Development organizations in the world.

Prior to his current position, Jose Angel served as Director of Mission Advancement, at the World Federation of Youth Clubs, Vice President, at, Director, International Support, Director, Family Strengthening and Director, Latino Outreach Initiatives for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. He can be reached at

Passions: Create hope and opportunity for those who feel that the world has failed them, and guide them to be agents of change for future generations.

Favorite Quote: “Mejor Morir de Pie, Que Vivir Arrodillado (Better to Die on My Feet, Than to Live on My Knees)” – Emiliano Zapata